In recent years, the dating game has changed nearly beyond all recognition. This – in common with many other aspects of modern life – is down to the huge advances in communication technology. Mobile phones mean that the person you are dating can potentially get hold of you at any time of day or night. Smartphones and the internet have meant that web-based dating services, like Global Personals, are now the way in which many people get their dates in the first place. But one technological area which is fraught with difficulties for many people engaged in the dating game is the humble text.

Texting from a mobile phone is great way of getting a message to your date without having to go to the lengths – and sometimes nerves – of making a fully-blown phone call. This is perfect if you are running a few minutes late to your date and want to apologise, saying that you will be there soon. It is also a great way to round off a successful date once you have both gone your separate ways. After all, who wouldn’t smile at a text that tells them that you enjoyed their company and hope to do it again sometime?

Nonetheless, texting can also cause problems and this is most usually down to misinterpretation. If you want to use texting to keep your date interested and not put them off there are some rules to follow. They are also worth knowing if you like to use instant chat on a dating website, like Global Personals. Many of the same rules apply equally well to a dashed off written message as they do to a text.

Firstly, don’t make too much of text speak, or txt spk, because when you don’t know somebody well this is open to misunderstanding. Once you have a clearer idea that you will be understood then you can introduce more and more of these short cuts. If your date cannot interpret your text then they may feel embarrassed about questioning it and avoid bringing it up at all. Instead, be concise and to the point but remain clear.

Secondly avoid texting that is done in anger. If your date lets you down then it is perfectly reasonable to express your frustration or disappointment by texting something like ‘humph’ or ‘grrr’. However, if you text anything more than that in a moment of frustration, then you can regret it later. If you are in doubt as to whether or not it is a good idea to send a text, then be sure to stay cautious. After all, you can always sleep on it and if you still feel the same way the following day, then send it later.

As well as avoiding the pitfalls of texting, it is worth remembering that it can really help with the dating game – especially in the very early stages of a burgeoning romantic relationship. If you are comfortable with swapping numbers before your first date it is a good idea to send a text to confirm. A simple message like, ‘Really looking forward to tonight’s date. Just checking the time’ will often put the other party at ease and make them realise you are going to turn up.

If you receive a text from your date then don’t put off responding for too long. This can make your date feel unwanted. If you are busy and cannot keep texting say so, but send at least one text to let them know that their message has been received and welcomed.

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